Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Dee: Time traveler

Come back my old friend,
raise from the future
and give me the key
to unlock the past.

Delphic oracle: Nostradamus

With your clear vision,
you wrote the guidebook,
so every time you came back,
you could find the right path.

Master of time travel,
trained in the art of seeing,
put light on your timeless book,
so I can unveil the hidden meaning.


The strength of the Justified comes from Balance:

Rigour and mercy.

Binah and Chockmah.

Set and Horus.

Conscious and subconscious.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ra-Horakty: No-mind

Once you become a pharao,
look for luminous emptiness.
If you cling to the relative power
of a clear and disciplined mind,
you will become a lucifer,
fettered by pride and envy.
Let the vulture of humility
spread its wings on your mind,
and offer your thoughts and actions
for the benefit of sentient beings.
Then No-mind will fully manifest:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pharao: Horus - Seth

When the instincts of the subconscious
mind are subdued by the conscious will power,
your mind becomes pharao,
master of upper and lower egypt.
But if your motivation is not pure,
you will accumulate karma,
and you will not abandon suffering.

Black magic: Selfish actions

Are you scared of black magic? You should not.
You practice black magic most of the time, just
because you are under the spell of EGO.

As long as you do not liberate yourself from
your ego´s tyranny, you are a black magician.

So wake up, and take a closer look at your ego
and the way it works if you want to break free.

Your ego created the gods; and the demons too.

Smash your ego, and god and the devil will vanish,
and you will experience real freedom.

OM: Hishiryo

Here you will discover the no-mind.

In Kabbalah it is known as CHOKMA.

You will go straight up the tree of life,
you will have a taste of Chokma,
and then come back to malkut.

Then you will follow the path
of the snake of wisdom.

This is the REAL path of kabbalah.

You will learn to run from BINAH
to CHOKMA, and this is what is
known as HISHIRYO.

Non- meditation.
Non- distraction.

Nostradamus: Time master

Cumaean Sibyl: Prophecy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Akhenaten: Phoenix

You did see corruption all around the temples;
You tried to set up a new egyptian dynasty.

But you had to learn the rough way,
that priesthood is a dangerous caste.

Later on as Moses with his Only God,
you became a fanatic leader.

Now you know that there is no God,
nor Devil: Only luminous awareness.

That is the real Aten;
neither within nor without.

You paid your debt with your past;
now wake up from the ashes,
and fly as a Phoenix.

Golden Dawn: Air Tablet

Golden Dawn: Earth Tablet

Golden Dawn: east banner

Golden Dawn: west banner

Monday, December 15, 2008

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