Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are you afraid of the Devil?

Welcome to this virtual space.

If you arrived here, you should take a look around and see if you feel a connection with Cagliostro.

This is a door to enter the dark world of kabbalah.

This is a door to explore the powers hidden in your subconscious mind.

This is a door to get to know the Devil.

If you do not have the right motivation, you better leave now and forget about this place.

If you want to use knowledge to help others, then you can take advantage of this place.

There is no path: You make your own path as you walk.

If you are afraid of the Devil, please go away.

God and Devil are two faces of the coin of DELUSION.

Unless you face your own FEARS, you will never become master of your own mind.

If you want to join the lineage of Cagliostro, move on.
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